curious thing
i make history colourful, fun & easy to eat
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i want to make history with you

copywriting, illustration

my name's kat & i aim to inform, invigorate & amuse. i want to make history fun. that's why i draw & write about it. my art is colourful & my prose is irreverent. it's designed to keep you awake - 'cause if we don't learn from history, we're doomed to repeat it (which doesn't always work out so well).

if you're incorrigibly curious, offer me a challenge. give me a date or a historical figure & you'll get an illustration with a description in return. go on & poke my brain. click here.

why not buy something i made earlier?

need a quirky product description or an expert in the plant-based lifestyle? i've written about being vegan in paris, buying vegan perfume, catching a vegan buzz & environmental issues. chuck an idea my way & let me dazzle you with my wit.

i want to splash a bit of colour on your world. hire me!