curious thing
i make history colourful, fun & easy to eat

o, my words!

i can squeeze you into my diary if you need copy for your vegan products or you want illustrations for your french children's book. get in touch! 

are you crying out for a vegan lifestyle expert to write an article about surviving in paris on a plant-based dietshout me.

i write & illustrate with flavour & vibrancy, not photorealism & technical phrasing. plain is not what i do. if it's an article with impact or art that stands apart, my arm is raised & waving wildly in your general direction. i want to work with you!

see examples of my word work here & stroll through my gallery here.

my areas of expertise?

- charities & not-for-profits

- veganism

- lifestyle

- history

- paris

- philosophy

- politics

- classic film

- literature

- music

so, got a job for me? let's talk. i'd love to burst in on your world, 'bugsy malone' style, & splash a bit of colour about. i'll tidy up later.