you're here because history - &, perhaps, by association, nostalgia - is important to you. well, i've got a surprise for you. it doesn't stop here. you can comb through some of my favourite links & pick through their treasure chests of women's history, french nostalgia, music & cinema. go & fill your brain with delight.

hidden herstories: this outstanding & exhaustive blog ensures that incredible women's stories are not erased from history.

spiked candy is an australian blog with a penchant for pop of the french persuasion. from ye-ye to this year's best, if it's french, it's here - along with some expertly curated playlists. bliss.

womensart - because what's better than an art blog? that's right: an art blog about WOMEN what art.

vegan art showcases compassionate creatives who use the power of imagery to revolutionary effect.

working class history prods your memory about the people who have poured their blood & guts (sometimes literally) into fighting for a fairer society.