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get to know queneau

get to know queneau

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#art/#history: some film adaptations are so wonderful that the equally incredible books upon which they're based succumb to near oblivion, their authors' contributions all but forgotten. it happened to raymond queneau, born #otd in 1903. in 1959, he wrote the novel that would become louis malle's third - & widely celebrated - film, 'zazie dans le metro'. released a year after the book's release, it's now praised for its brave examinations of sexuality, of family dynamics, of children's relationships with adults...even, at a stretch, workers' rights. but malle gets all the glory when all the tricky themes flowed from queneau. his genius by then had been established, at least, amongst his writing peers, whom he founded oulipo, the workshop of potential literature. he even flirted with the surrealists. ultimately, though, he did his own thing - a bit like zazie, then.

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