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the joyce of yootha

the joyce of yootha

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#art/#history: 'ey oop? for anyone (of a certain age) stateside whom may be reading...this lady, here? she's the original mrs roper & she's not from 'three's company'. she's mildred, the landlady, from 'man about the house' & she's stunning. audra lindley, lovely as she was, never graced the cover of a smiths single. back to the subject at hand: she didn't want to be typecast as the feisty, bawdy mildred with the heart of gold - & she never should have been in danger of it. her performance in 1964's 'the pumpkin eater' was riveting. even her relatively small part in 'charlie bubbles' captivated. she snatched her brief time on screen & exuded craftsmanship & charisma. in the end, mildred would prove her undoing. through two telly series & six years, this consummate professional hid her alcoholism. when yootha joyce died in 1980 - just four days short of her 53rd birthday - her television husband & best mate, brian murphy, was the only one at her bedside. but today? we celebrate her birth #otd in 1927.

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