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will selfless

will selfless

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art/history: a cautionary tale...
never choose one of this author's books as a casual holiday read. your brain will be incapable of parsing its themes in a way that won't give it reflux. 'cock & bull' was my first introduction to his literature & i was wholly unprepared for its difficult explorations dressed in satire & all concealed in a steaming hot pocket of absurdity. passages still haunt me. if i hadn't learned more about his personal philosophies & perspectives, he'd have remained a sort of menacing apparition in my life. mercifully, his politics are driven by a deeply abiding belief in fairness & social justice. gauchiste & inveterate flaneur, will self (born #otd in 1961) is one of britain's greatest & most creative minds.


original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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