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the irony of imperialism

the irony of imperialism

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#art/#history: #otd in 1876, all native americans risked their lives if they hadn't relocated themselves & loved-ones to US government allocated reservations. stunningly blood-drenched arrogance, i think you'll agree - & the imperialist shits continue to this day their ethnic cleansing pogrom. fewer than 100 years after these black events, the same government attempted to hoodwink the natives again by promoting integration. 'come to the cities. live in a dingy flat. forget your traditions & languages.' another disaster. cooperation & sharing: those things leave better legacies & enrich us all. we should appreciate our biological & genetic differences. can you imagine a stronger or more endearing chief bromden in 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' than muscogee, will sampson? nor can i.

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