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Copy of black day for blackfeet

Copy of black day for blackfeet

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#art/#history: it's become rather fashionable to slag off the bloomsbury group - &, indeed, the british bohemians of the early 20th century - as the bourgeois elite. my argument is that one has no control over the circumstances of one's birth. whether one is born into comfort or into poverty, it's intention & action & behaviour that matter. arguably, it's easier to rebel artistically if there's a pile of money to cushion any failure, but it'd be equally easy to just fall into expectations laid out by your social circle. virginia woolf was born #otd in 1882 to parents who didn't know financial struggle, but virginia was a thinker & a free spirit. as soon as she hit her teens, the words began to flow & only the river that filled her lungs & soaked her rock-filled pockets stopped her. she left works behind that are as fresh, pertinent & breathtaking as they were the days she scribbled them. from 'mrs dalloway' to 'orlando', she shook the world with her insistence that women are every bit as valuable & complex as men.

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