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vive viola!

vive viola!

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#art/#history: there's this adage that involves books & their covers. you may be familiar with it. do bear it in mind whilst trying to work out the identity of tonight's glamour puss. she may appear to be marilyn monroe's mystery twin - but, as impeccable as she looked, her true beauty lay beyond the surface. politically active from a young age (she married a detroit teamsters agent & bonded over civil rights issues with a black friend called sarah evans, who was involved with the NAACP), the 39-year-old was horrified by selma's bloody sunday. she resolved to march in solidarity with those who were protesting for full voting privileges in alabama. on the 25th of march in 1965, viola liuzzo (born #otd in 1925) was helping transport marchers & volunteers back to selma from montgomery. a car full of klansmen overtook her car & killed her with two bullets to the brain. because of the bitter, twisted machinations of the FBI's j edgar hoover (who launched a posthumous smear campaign against viola in order to protect the fbi informant who was in the car with the killers), there were rumours that this compassionate individual was really a promiscuous heroin addict. mercifully, those who knew her ensured that her legacy was recorded accurately.