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vincent priceless

vincent priceless

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#art/#history: it's another horror, sweetie - or another horror sweetie. alice cooper's 'welcome to my nightmare' provided an introduction to this gentleman & immediately captivated my young ears. with dulcet tones that are unmistakable (& seductive enough to lure you to a hellish fate), vincent price (born #otd in 1911) was much more complex than his shock-in-trade. an accomplished cook (sadly, not vegan), he penned - with his wife, mary - four culinary compendiums & even co-hosted a cookery programme on british telly. not only was he an ally to the lgbt community, but he was also a friend to animals to the extent that he wrote a book about his canine companion of 14 years, joe. 'the book of joe', published in 1961, contains a poignant passage that recounts the first moment vincent set eyes on joe & how, for him, it was complete coup de foudre. on top of all this, his daughter attests that he was a brilliant da. damn, vince...you were a prince amongst men.

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