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vegang colour postcards (pack of 4)

vegang colour postcards (pack of 4)


my new postcard packs illustrate (yeah, i did that deliberately) how diverse vegans are. we're actors, poets, activists, musicians, writers, speakers & artists. these are handmade, 'cause i'm keeping it crunchy. they star: river phoenix, angela davis, johnny marr, benjamin zephaniah & pussy riot's maria alyokhina. you can mix & match if you like. just leave me a note to specify who you want in your vegang.

* on the back, just a discrete web address (this one. nothing pervy.) & the name of the person on the front.

please note: postage for UK/EU ONLY included in price. all others, see my contact page to discuss p&p fees.

vegans take it to the limit


UK/EU: price includes postage & packing. please allow 21 days for delivery, though i will strive to be much quicker!

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