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keep on, turner!

keep on, turner!

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art/history: anna mae bullock has been through the ringer, but always prevailed - with zen. the self-professed buddhist-baptist (aka: the queen of rock & roll) has seen her share of adversity. born #otd in 1939 on a farm in tennessee, she's got african, european & native american blood coursing through her veins. at one point during her abusive & tumultuous relationship with ike turner, she tried to quiet the torment with an overdose of valium. mercifully, she survived & successfully severed her ties with ike; though, because she's an outstanding human being, she adopted two of her ex-husband's sons & raised them as her own. in 2013, tina turner became a swiss citizen & relinquished her american passport. a living legend, as long as this vegetarian (rumoured to be vegan) sticks around, we really DON'T need another hero.

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