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think chimp

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art/history: 'o, look! isn't he funny? i love monkeys! hey, why is he slamming himself against the window & flicking his shit at me?'
o, i don't know. maybe it's because s/he's sick & tired of being your entertainment/punching bag/disease receptacle/money machine. #otd (9 april) in 1932 (give or take), a chimpanzee in the belgian congo (or liberia - reports vary) was ripped from his mother & doomed to a life in captivity. he starred in the tarzan films & television series as the fuckwit adventurer's sidekick. wasn't it cute when they gave him cigarettes? isn't it great that cheetah had to forego his freedom when there were never any chimpanzees in the edgar rice burroughs novels? tonight's subject isn't actually cheetah. he's one of 310 research chimps liberated in 2013 in the states. until we stop enslaving others, no one is ever truly free.

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