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i make history colourful, fun & easy to eat
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art lasts longer than an expensive dinner

whether you plump for an original or a print, you'll also receive the story behind the image. most of these works were done as part of a project called art/history, so each relates to a specific date. i'm not suggesting that the subject matter isn't sometimes slightly tenuous, but there's always a link. feed your brain & feast your eyes.

the price is right

the price is right

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art/history: i was immediately enthralled by this lad the first time i heard his inimitable timbre during a clandestine listen to my sister's copy of alice cooper's 'welcome to my nightmare'. i was nine. where were my parents? if i was corrupted by vincent price - born #otd on 1911 - it made me a better person. i could tell his main objective was to send life up & make it fun. he's been dead for nearly quarter of a century, but my ardour for monsieur horror hasn't waned a jot.

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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