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the eyebrow twins

the eyebrow twins

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art/history: these two cheeky chappies are not just birthday twins. they're eyebrow twins who both have multi-platinum vocal cords & distinct performance styles that whip their audiences into devoted frenzies. they were surely spawned from the same zygote, 35 years apart. he on the left is a french pop deity to his english counterpart on the right. he on the left is charles aznavour, born #otdin 1924 & still performing live! have you heard the song, 'she'? of course, you have. morrissey/momo/moz/mozzer (born #otd in 1959) is also still performing - just. he does often threaten to throw in the towel & become a latter day noel coward/samuel beckett. i do wish he'd stop flirting with the far right - however fatuous or provocative he might mean his flirtations to be. at least, he's finally vegan. anyway, these brothers from another mother seem to make each other happy. nobody's miserable now. if they ever played a gig together, i'd battle all elements to get there (so long as moz apologises for his bigotry).

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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