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the edge of seventy

the edge of seventy

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art/history: how cute are these two? i reckon they've never met, but i'd bet hard dosh that the beardy trotsky on the left takes a sneaky listen to 'rumours' occasionally - probably when he's weeding his allotment. she supported bernie sanders, so i know she'd be a fan of our man wearing the co-op vests & the jumpers his mum knitted. they're kindred spirits, anyway. he's a political rebel & she's a musical rebel - & now they're both on the edge of 70. jeremy corbyn was born #otd in 1949, preceded a year earlier by stevie nicks. (disclaimer: the trotsky bollocks & allotment jibe are by way of parodying the mainstream press. #votelabour)

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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