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sweet timvestite

sweet timvestite

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art/history: he's just a sweet transvestite with a clue who has the coolest hair & is like-this-tight with the muppets. plus, he speaks french AND susan sarandon still loves him. surely, there's nobody over 30 who doesn't recognise his voice. it's one that immediately sends us back to darkened independent cinemas, acting out in latex, handbags full of toast. he is the only frank n furter, do you hear me? his career has been rather illustrious & has included three albums. do you own any of them?
i have two maxims: 1) treat others as you'd like to be treated & 2) don't dream it. be it. i have tim curry, born #otd in 1946, to thank for the latter. good advice.

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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