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step up for stephane

step up for stephane

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#art/#history - #noirvember: looking at her feels like sipping the most sophisticated cocktail in the world - & her long-time collaborator (& husband), claude chabrol, knew how to magnify the cool enigma of this walking, talking elixir. from 1959 until 1978's 'violette noziere', she served as the director's muse, lending emotional dimension & depth to the (often ironic) bourgeoisie characters she played. audiences outside of france probably know her as babette, the cook from 'babette's feast', but i especially recommend her turns in 'la rupture' & 'le boucher'. although she disappeared elegantly into the ethers on 27 march of this year, she was born on this day in 1932 & i had to rend homage to the regal talent that was stephane audran.