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miss noir

miss noir

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#art/#history: looking at her feels like sipping the most sophisticated cocktail in the world - & her long-time collaborator (& husband), claude chabrol, knew how to magnify the cool enigma of this walking, talking elixir. from 1959 until 1978's 'violette noziere', she served as the director's muse, lending emotional dimension & depth to the (often ironic) bourgeoisie characters she played. audiences outside of france probably know her as babette, the cook from 'babette's feast', but i especially recommend her turns in 'la rupture' & 'le boucher'. although she disappeared elegantly into the ethers on 27 march, i'm just now finding the stamina (ill health has been hanging round for the past few weeks) to rend homage to the regal talent that was stephane audran.