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unveiled threat

unveiled threat

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#art/#history: here's a massive dollop of righteous womanhood as a message to the mangled apricot hellbeast who's invaded my home shores with his bigotry this weekend. were she still living, i'm certain that simone veil (born #otd in 1927) would face him down with grace & smash his flimsy ego with compassion & intelligence - all without holding his tiny hands. she survived auschwitz-birkenau to join france's ministry of justice &, as the minister of health, to legalise abortion in 1975. by 1979, she was elected as the first president of the european parliament. revered throughout & beyond her political career, she always took her commitments seriously: 'as a jew, as a concentration camp survivor, as a woman, you feel very much that you belong to a minority that has been bullied for a long time.'