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simone says

simone says

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#art/#history: 'one's life has value so long as one attributes value to the lives of others.' did this person change your life like she's changed mine? whether or not you're aware of her groundbreaking theories, chances are you've been influenced through someone else. author of a book ('the second sex') that pissed off none other than albert 'crybaby' camus with its thorough examination of female oppression & its forensic insight into what defines 'woman', simone de beauvoir, was born in paris on 9 january in 1908 (&, yes, i am horrified that i was late with this; but you're not getting the tedious background story that explains the delay, so...silver linings). she & sartre were committed to one another for 51 years & informed each others' existential philosophies - but he never tamed her. they never lived together, never married & didn't have children - which is just as simone wanted it. she was, she said, 'too intelligent, too demanding & too resourceful for anyone to be able to take charge of me entirely. no one knows me or loves me completely. i have only myself.' fucking CREDO!

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