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simmering simone signoret

simmering simone signoret

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art/history: so nice, i had to draw her twice. it's a good job i didn't get carried away & sketch one for each of her films i adore. i'd be months - but that face! those eyes! from the ingenious horror of clouzot's 1959 'les diaboliques' to the political intrigue of jean-pierre melville's 'army of shadows', her acting was a nuanced craft that took the viewer into her mind & under her skin. she made the audience empathise - even with characters that were deeply flawed. if you can't be arsed with subtitles, may i recommend you watch her tragic performance on 'room at the top' & introduce yourself to the sublime simone signoret, born #otd in 1921?

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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