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she bitched.

she bitched.

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art/history: fond though she was of her on-screen daughter (the incomparable actress & human being, elizabeth montgomery, who was a fierce advocate for social justice causes of all stripes), tonight's subject felt trapped by her success on bewitched. o, how she bitched that it was badly written & besmirched her reputation as an accomplished thespian. you see, she was already 64 when she took the role. by then, she'd starred in 'pollyanna', orson welles's 'citizen kane', & scores of other films. is it any wonder she felt it a bit beneath her? never mind. she had the most enviable hair. the more i stare at it, the more i think that's the direction i'm gonna' go. i hold aloft my bottle of manic panic & salute agnes moorehead, who died #otd in 1974.

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