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pauwels, up in smoke

pauwels, up in smoke

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art/history: 'parcourant l'amour monstre de pauwels me vint une vision dans l'eau de seltz.'
& that's an admission. i'm stretching my self-imposed remit by using the author of those words to represent today's subject. it's a cheat & a bit unjust, for it was the drummer for voivod (michel 'away' langevin) who first made me aware of louis pauwels, born #otd in 1920. away was influenced artistically & lyrically by 'le matin des magiciens'/'the morning of the magicians', which was published - to critical disdain - in 1960. it's a remarkable tome, focussing as it did on the occult, conspiracy theories & the paranormal. its influence on the counterculture was immeasurable. it wasn't, however, the book that brigitte bardot had recommended to serge gainsbourg - but nor did it get a mention in gainsbourg's song, 'initials bb'. my eyes are on fire just looking at all that smoke.

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fine art print on cotton paper:
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