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beckett's at your beck & call

beckett's at your beck & call

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#art/#history: 'birth was the death of him' - &, lest you think i'm all uppity, one of my favourite things about samuel beckett (born #otd in 1906) is that he played chauffeur to a 12-year-old andre the giant. how did this situation arise? well, sam was a member of andre's papa's card-playing group & andre's acromegaly meant he was too big for the local school bus. it's perfectly normal that a famous irish poet & playwright would step into the breach, n'est-ce pas? o, to've been a passenger in that car...
captain's log: 'i pause to record that i feel in extraordinary form. delirium, perhaps.'
so, as dark was his perspective on human existence, you can feel the humour & pathos & pure compassion in beckett's words.
if you fancy waiting for godot, i can recommend allee samuel beckett in paris 14.
ps: you should also know that sam worked with the french resistance.
also...watch billie whitelaw perform 'not i':https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4LDwfKxr-M