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more - not less - ruth

more - not less - ruth

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art/history: would you open the door to this woman if she came a-knockin'? i'm sure she's harmless & just wants to borrow a cup of your unborn baby - which, round my house, would leave her disappointed, as i'm not a twenty-something & *up the duff mia farrow (*'rosemary's baby' reference klaxon). yeah, i'd let her in. i recognise her from 'harold & maude' & an episode of 'columbo'. we'd *steal cars (*'harold & maude' reference klaxon) & have philosophical conversations. she might have me hoodwinked, because she was an actress for over 60 years. her talents ran from light comedy to horror & she made every one of her characters utterly REAL. in fact, she inhabited so well the roles she undertook that i am seriously considering opening my door to the ghost of ruth gordon, who died #otd in 1985.

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