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topor: polymath chien friend

topor: polymath chien friend

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#art/#history: i know he looks a bit like a serial killer (the human, not the dog), but he (the human) really was a soft-hearted charmer. the dog might've been a right bastard. i don't know. here is a list of his talents (some of which may also be shared by his chien: illustrator, cartoonist, painter, writer, lyricist, actor. no wonder, really, that roland topor had run out of fuel & died #otd in 1997. when did he ever rest? yes, he specialised in surrealism & satire, but remember that heart of his? watch 1973's 'la planete sauvage' ('fantastic planet') & you'll find it. topor wrote about humanoids through whom he decried the human condition & its propensity to 'otherise' what we fear &/or don't understand. themes of racism, animal rights & human rights mingle with breathtakingly odd & wonderful animation (plus, a killer soundtrack by alain goraguer). as a gateway to topor, listen to megumi satsu's 'je m'aime' or look out for the illustrations he did for 'hara-kiri' (which became 'charlie hebdo') or his interpretation of 'alice in wonderland'. he was remarkable.