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roger in the red

roger in the red

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art/history: they're the same eyes as ever; but i'd always seen mischief, innocence, intelligence & compassion in them...until a few months ago. now, i can barely look at or listen to the person who was my favourite drummer. this was a difficult drawing to do. i soldiered on so i could make an important point: killing sentient beings for jollies or shitzngiggles is fucked up. i think it means you're wrong in the head & you need to give your amygdala a wobble. you were so politically clued-up. you wrote about workers' rights & technocracy ('future management'). you despise rupert murdoch ('dear mr murdoch') to such an extent that you donated £10k to manchester united fans so they could thwart sky's takeover bid. one of the best atheist quips was uttered by you: 'i don't like religion. it tends to fuck people up.' so why, why, why do you shoot pheasants? you're smarter than that. it is my sincerest wish that, by this time next year, i shan't have to wish an unhappy birthday to roger taylor (born #otd in 1949).
(ps: i thought the red was obvious symbolism...)

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fine art print on cotton paper:
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