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missing linklater

missing linklater

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art/history: it's controversial to declare best directors, but i'm going to risk it. if any american film director has ever possessed a french aesthetic & sensibility, it's this fellow. he makes profundity of farce, produces fun from social observation & elicits sympathy for flawed characters. somehow, he blends the innocent wonder of tati with the human introspection of truffaut & the acute political commentary of godard. i can't believe i feel such mad affection for a native texan, but richard linklater (born #otd in 1960) is an exceptional human being. before i saw 'dazed & confused', i thought it would be an ode to late 70s soft-porn teen pastiche (in an impenetrable haze of wacky backy), but it's tender, real, brutal, funny & inspiring. i watch it at least once a year. don't get me started on his hawke/delpy masterpieces.

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