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thank you for the davies

thank you for the davies

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art/history: it's complete coincidence, i swear, following chrissie with her erstwhile love - who's looking decidedly dutronc-y here. this one's, perhaps, britain's answer. his songs are as quintessentially english as jacques dutronc's are french. a self-defined socialist, he nonetheless accepted a knighthood (disapproving face) & has some interesting views about the eu/brexit (perplexed face)...but he's been a vegetarian for a million years, so swings & roundabouts. he also kept me utterly engaged & entertained when i saw him speak a few years ago at the cheltenham lit fest. why's this day important to ray davies? well, #otd in 1964, a song he wrote for the kinks was number one in the UK charts. that riff, too! what a masterpiece. start as you mean to go on, ray. thank you for the days.


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