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pierre haut dandy

pierre haut dandy

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#art/#history: he's so good, i had to draw him twice - once as his real revolutionary self & the second time as the dandy who made his mark on cinema. pierre clementi died #otd in 1999. you see, the thing about pierre is that he COULD have become a household name - & not just in france, but globally. he knew all the 'right people'. in fact, alain delon introduced pierre to luchino visconti, who cast him in 1963's 'the leopard'. instead, pierre had his priorities. he wanted to stay true to himself. who was he? at first, he was a rebel & a tearaway who was sacked from his job with la poste because his hair was too long. as 1968 crept up on france, though, he chose revolution rather than stardom...&, by that time, he'd already acted in two films alongside catherine deneuve. so dedicated to the cause of 'le peuple' & the political causes of les gauchistes was he that his devotion landed him in an italian prison for 16 months on stitched up charges of drug possession. this episode would leave an indelible dent in his spirit, but he stayed true to his independent principles & continued to act & direct only in films that meant something to him. i loved him in bernardo bertolucci's 'partner' (in which pierre is utterly breathtaking) & 'the conformist', as well as jacques rivette's 'le pont du nord', but he's entirely engaging in 'belle de jour' & 'benjamin'. fading dandy? not in my heart.