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cushty cushing

cushty cushing

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#art/#history: there's always seemed to me a link between purveyors of horror & profound compassion - think vegan rob zombie; tobe hooper's vegetarian allegory, 'the texas chainsaw massacre; plant-based thrashers, cattle decapitation or even frankenstein's creature, whom shelley wrote as a devout nut muncher - & still it's a shocker to discover another dark-sider who eschewed the chewing of animal flesh. before he built a formidable reputation as a hammer scaremeister, peter cushing (born #otd in 1913) appeared in a public service film about road safety (!) & a sunday night bbc dramatisation of orwell's '1984'. he was nothing if not versatile - & prolific. he didn't begrudge his eventual typecasting, however, & relished his reputation as hammer's main man. he's doubly pertinent today as it's the 121st anniversary of the publication of bram stoker's 'dracula'. in later years, after he lost his beloved wife of nearly three decades, peter occupied himself with painting, ornithology & wildlife appreciation. he was just biding his time until he could be with his wife again. have you fallen yet for mr cushing? this'll get you there: this gifted actor who could chill your blood in its veins was a nyctophobic. he was afraid of the dark. isn't that just darling?

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