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olympe: OG

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#art/#history: here's how a true working class (well, petite bourgeois) hero looks. forget your preconceptions. olympe de gouges (born #otd in 1748) was so old-school radical that she influenced mary wollstonecraft. she began as a playwright - & her pen was mighty. she used it to raise awareness of issues such as slavery, feminism, workers' rights, children's rights & marriage. perhaps her biggest contribution toward equality was her 'declaration of the rights of woman & the female citizen'. published in 1791 in response to lafayette's 'declaration of the rights of the man', its subject matter made the establishment throw a right wobbly. she sounds as though she'd be well in with the revolutionaries, right? wrong. as a gironde (who favoured a constitutional monarchy), robespierre & the jacobins were gunning for her. i can't say i'd have defended her stance on that, but i'd like to think i would've spared her the fate she met with the guillotine. still, she even turned that into a political zinger & said, 'woman has the right to mount the scaffold; she must equally have the right to mount the rostrum.'