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omniscient octavia

omniscient octavia

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#art/#history: like most things in my life, i've metal to thank for introducing me to an extraordinary person. in this case, it was seattle edu-core band, bloodhag, whose song, 'octavia e butler', (from 'necrotic bibliophilia') who are to blame. thank fuck that paperback thumped me in the bonce at one of their gigs, because octavia butler - born #otd in 1947 - broke all the rules. a lesbian who was raised by a widowed mum during racial segregation, octavia was the first black female science fiction writer. in fact, her most successful novel (1979's 'kindred') confounded everyone with its time travel slave narrative. how could sci-fi deal with the past - never mind, rape, slavery & the grandfather paradox? wow, did it piss people off. she continued to challenge with her prose, fighting through writer's block to deliver acclaimed trilogies & short stories that were stunningly sparse.

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