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o, heck, peck!

o, heck, peck!

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art/history: it's the human condition that we all know faces that comfort us like only kittens in barrels (mighty boosh reference) can otherwise do. for me, gregory peck's elegant physiognomy has been my eternal security blanket. maybe it's genetic imprinting. my dad had the same untamed eyebrows - & one of gregory's most celebrated roles is surely everyone's ideal father, atticus finch. of course, this is a thespian whose versatility produced countless iconic performances in every cinematic genre, from the fizzy romantic comedy of 'roman holiday' to the classic horror of 'the omen'. he even played the angel of death, joseph mengele, in 'the boys from brazil'. he wasn't just a pretty face & i think his life, by the time he died #otd in 2003, etched itself in beautiful lines & grooves across his skin. mercifully, google images has an archive that i can access whenever i need to stimulate the serotonin in my brain.

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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