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nobody like nina

nobody like nina

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#art/#history: i don't even know where to begin. even in memoriam, i'm a bit intimidated by eunice kathleen waymon. she was - from the instant she felt earth's cold air on her newborn's skin - a fearsome creature. by the age of three, she was playing piano. it wasn't too much later that she realised how many obstacles lay between her & the success her talent warranted: at her recital, the 12-year-old refused to play until her parents were permitted to move from the back of the hall where they'd been relegated in favour of white folk. this desire for equality reached its apex for nina simone (born #otd in 1933) in 1964. she wrote furious protest songs like 'mississippi goddam' & 'old jim crow', which she incorporated into her live shows - along with impassioned demands for civil rights. after a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, she settled in france & kept kicking against injustice until breast cancer killed her body. her spirit? it's as loud & fierce as ever. just listen.

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