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nhs at 70

nhs at 70

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#art/#history: i'm so lucking fucky to live in a country that has a national health service - & the UK's NHS is celebrating its 70th birthday #otd. as an immigrant & naturalised citizen, i wanted to pay a special tribute to the wonderful women who began coming from the caribbean as early as 1949 to lend us a hand. i've drawn shirla philogene, who started at colchester hospital in essex on the very same day in 1958 that she put feet on british soil. she probably endured her share of shoddy behaviour. according to the testimony of other nurses whose stories are similar to shirla's, there were people who told them to 'keep their black hands' off them. i would not have had their grace & compassion in the face of that sort of inexcusable ugliness. we owe them a MASSIVE debt of gratitude.

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