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this is what a champion looks like

this is what a champion looks like

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#art/#history: the floating & stinging & all that? they were undoubtedly impressive. for me, though, what made muhammad ali the greatest were his ethics & conscience. on this day in 1967, they led to his being stripped of his heavyweight title when he refused to honour his military induction. the previous year, muhammad had filed for status as conscientious objector & had warned then that he would not serve. take a breath & get a load of what he said at the time: 'my conscience won’t let me go shoot my brother or some darker people or some poor, hungry people in the mud, for big, powerful america. & shoot them for what? they never called me nigger. they never lynched me. they didn’t put no dogs on me. they didn’t rob me of my nationality, & rape & kill my mother & father. why would i want to shoot them? for what? i got to go shoot them, those little poor little black people, little babies & children, women; how can i shoot them poor people? just take me to jail.' those, ladies & gentlemen, are the words of a champion.

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