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morticia's lament

morticia's lament

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art/history: no matter how old you were when you first saw an episode of the 60s telly series, 'the addams family', i think we can all agree that it's no wonder gomez was smitten by morticia. carolyn jones (who died #otd in 1983 at the age of 53) was elegance, grace & charm. she had the fire inside, though, & possessed the intelligence to know when to turn it on. 34 years old when she landed her most famous role, she'd already been making films for 12 years. she had parts in 'the seven year itch', 'invasion of the body snatchers' & 'how the west was won' before the small screen beckoned. in 1976, she even became wonder woman's mama, hippolyta. you know, though, i think she can be proud of her turn as morticia. nobody else could have given her such warmth, humour & humanity.

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