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more than marilyn

more than marilyn

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art/history: oftentimes, those most celebrated icons - the household names we all recognise & accept as part of the furniture - are the ones we know the least. never has this been truer than with norma jean. it's criminal that her beauty & sex appeal are where most people stop investigating. she was a person whose intellectual & emotional gifts easily exceeded her generous physical attributes. not only was she a voracious reader who invested profound critical thought into the roles she brought to life, but she had a tender heart that imperilled her, making her vulnerable to being manipulated. her troubled upbringing, which involved instability & sexual abuse, failed to embitter her or steal her empathy. a favourite story is when she bought caged pigeons (destined for dinner plates) from new york teenagers & set the birds free. complex personalities often find life difficult. marilyn monroe (born #otd in 1926) took back control on 5th august, 1962 & bid a sad farewell to this world.

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fine art print on cotton paper:
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