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black day for blackfeet

black day for blackfeet

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#art/#history: #otd in 1870, major eugene baker of the 2nd US cavalry led four companies to fort shaw, montana. his order was to protect the lives & properties of citizens - but just the white ones. if need be, baker & his regiments would smite mountain chief & his troops. at the marias river, the major struck down at least 173 women, children & elderly men who were camped there. it was the wrong village - & was the worst massacre in the state's history. meanwhile, mountain chief's band breached the canadian border & escaped. the government all but erased the incident & it's not well-remembered amongst surviving blackfeet. i hope the same fate doesn't befall my representative. misty upham was an actress ('august: osage county', 'django unchained' & even beloved british series, 'auf wiedersehen, pet') of the blackfeet nation whose own story is as haunting & tragic. indeed, it merits its own art/history instalment. she went missing on 5 october in 2014 & her body was found on the 16th of the same month. the manner of her death has never been determined.

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