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M.I.A.'s hip hop flag

M.I.A.'s hip hop flag

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art/history: hip hop hooray-ho-hey-ho! it was 44 years ago #otd that a block party in the bronx spawned a movement as defining as punk - & it preceded punk by a good few years. did dj kool herc have any idea what a pioneering technique his dual-turntable, break-extending would be? most of us probably think that hiphop began with public enemy or run-dmc. the clever clogs amongst us might cite fab 5 freddy as its progenitor. wrong. we're all wrong. funky 4 + 1 (with she rock - big up the women of hip hop!) were performing together by 1976 & released their first single, 'rappin & rocking the house', in 1979. the british scene wasn't far behind with ruthless rap assassins & cookie crew, who blazed trails for the likes of M.I.A. & her intoxicating blend of anglo-south asian politically conscious, outward-looking hip hop. caution: a pleasant electronic aftertaste may linger. you'll like it. go & scratch the surface.

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fine art print on cotton paper:
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