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this girl, right here...

this girl, right here...

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art/history: tonight's subject is a lot cooler than you think. the television comedy for which she's best known was one of the very first to feature a female character who was single & not living with her folks - yes, it even inspired the 'mary tyler moore show', which wasn't broadcast until four years later than our heroine's 'that girl'. so groundbreaking was it at the time that marlo thomas (born #otd in 1937) tussled for the programme to be called 'miss independence'. that opening sequence, though often parodied, is nonetheless iconic...but my most enduring & endearing association with marvellous marlo is 'free to be, you & me' - again, miles ahead in its sympathetic explorations of gender roles. it encouraged us to accept & celebrate our differences. religious conservatives railed against it, so you know it was good. still active & advocating for women, you can find her at marlothomas(dot)com.

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