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forever marjory

forever marjory

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#art/#history: it shames me to admit that the events of 14 february awakened me to this extraordinary human being. raised in an episcopalian household, she identified as agnostic. as she grew (to the mighty stature of 5'2"), she began to agitate for women's suffrage. her great-great uncle was levi coffin, who helped to organise the underground railroad. these familial roots inspired an interest in social justice & she took up the environmental mantle in her 30s with her staunch defence of the florida everglades. her talent for writing focussed attention on the importance of preservation & she earned several prestigious accolades - including the presidential medal of freedom. thank fuck that marjory stoneman douglas (born #otd in 1890) had a school named for her or i'd never have known her exemplary nature.

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