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marguerite needs her space

marguerite needs her space

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#art/#history: can you imagine being such a gifted author that one of your most radical & inventive novels was practically a product of automatic writing? best known, perhaps, for providing the screenplay that would become alain resnais' 'hiroshima mon amour' - which is not a bad place to start if you've not yet become infected with a madness for marguerite duras (who died #otd in 1996) - she largely escaped acclaim outside of france. this is regrettable. duras was a master of written dialogue, crafting it in such a way that the space between her words informed the story as much or more than what she spelled out. as a human being, she was remarkable: during WWII, she worked for the vichy government whilst simultaneously belonging to an active french resistance cell (the one that included francois mitterand, natch). it was during that same decade that she joined the french communist party, the PCF. no wonder the main theme of the novel to which i alluded at the start ('abahn sabana david') is the art of refusal & the freedom of a defiant 'NO!'