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marc rose to dizzying heights

marc rose to dizzying heights

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art/history: he was a 'flower child with a knife up his sleeve' according to one of his agents, but marc bolan fulfilled his own prophecy: he is a legend. it just took him a while to convince everyone around him - but his rise was meteoric & relatively brief, ending, as it did, against a sycamore tree in barnes (southwest london). his girlfriend - the mother of his son, rolan, & the vocalist who made 'tainted love' famous before soft cell came along - survived. she'd been at the wheel, intoxicated. when he'd gone, gloria & rolan were nearly destitute. marc hadn't divorced his wife, june child, so his estate went to her. good old bowie, rolan's godfather, stepped into the breach to help them out financially. meanwhile, marc's even got his own rose (the aptly named marc bolan rose). despite t.texstasy sweeping like a glamorous plague over britain's teens, t rex only had four number ones in the UK charts - & 'bang a gong (get it on)' was the one that reached the dizzy heights #otd in 1971.

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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