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a cass in point

a cass in point

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/#history: it's easy to think of fake news as a recent phenomenon, but the rumour mill has always been part & parcel of mainstream media - & a fallacy surrounding the death of mama cass (#otd in 1974) persists to this day. the sandwich theory is a lie. beautiful cass elliot - she of golden spun tones - simply died of a sick heart. yes, she struggled with her weight, but that shouldn't define her. ellen naomi cohen was a sparkler, gifted with an astonishing range that she used in a way that leaned toward subtlety rather than ostentatiousness. i just wish that she'd recognised her worth. plenty of people valued her: on the night she died, she'd been at a party in london with carrie fisher & mick jagger. she returned - alone - to the flat that harry nilsson had loaned to her & she died, aged 32, from a pulmonary attack.

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