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wonder(ful) woman

wonder(ful) woman


art/history: who amongst us hasn't pulled the cloth off the table, thrown it over our shoulders, cued up the 'wonder woman' theme & run round the house vanquishing all our enemies? i just did it today, as it happens. know why? the coolest human embodiment of the cartoon superheroine was born #otd in 1951. she's not ashamed of her televisual performance - & why would she be? the producers of the programme wanted her to be some sort of femme fatale, but lynda carter said, 'uh...no. i want women to want to be me - or to be my best friend.' her gut instinct paid off. she created an icon worthy of our admiration. lynda really threw herself into the role. she's a person of grace & humility. music was her first love. here's a weekend quest for you: see if you can manage to scavenge a copy of her 1978 album called 'portrait'.

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