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punkest of all

punkest of all

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#art/#history: you can argue about whether the progenitor of punk was link wray, the kinks, los saicos, the new york dolls, the ramones, sex pistols or even emma goldman. i know this woman is the real thing - &, yet, because she was born a slave, we don't even know exactly when her birthdate is. it was to parents of native american, african & mexican descent, in either virginia or texas, roundabout 1853. that would have made her 18 when she married a white ex-soldier & they fled together to a more tolerant chicago to become firebrands in the labour movement. highly organised & effective anarchists, chicago PD described them as 'more dangerous than a thousand rioters'. a prolific orator & writer, she was invited to contribute to the french anarchist journal, 'les temps nouveaux'. focussed on issues of class over those of gender & sex, she often clashed with other prominent anarchists. by 1905, lucy parsons - who died #otd in 1942 - had helped found the industrial workers of the world. she stood firm & loud right up until a house fire claimed her. in her honour, let's ruminate on just one of the hundreds of resonant aphorisms she uttered: 'o, misery! i have drunk thy cup of sorrow to its dregs, but i am still a rebel.' can't get freer than that.

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