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louise kicks arse

louise kicks arse

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art/history: this woman? she didn't have time to brush her hair. she was too busy kicking the establishment's arse on the second day of a revolutionary, socialist government's takeover. #otd in 1871, louise michel & her anarchist sisters were building barricades, nursing the wounded & taking up arms as the women's union for the defence of paris. along with nathalie lemel, andre leo & elisabeth dmiteieff, they fought for gender & wage equality. they demanded rights to divorce & secular education. known as the red virgin of montmartre, louise michel was the grande dame of anarchy. when the commune fell after 71 short days of exuberant rule, she must have been gutted - but she continued to tour, write & lecture about creating a strong, cooperative society based round anarchist ideologies. vive la commune! vive le feminisme. vive l'anarchie!

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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